A Series of Studies in Tension and Crisis

Choreography of an Argument Round a Table is a new performance work currently being developed for theatres

Set round a table, with 5 people and a piano, we create a surprising and riotous choreographed physical performance that questions what it is to be in an argument and how we win and lose while our trousers are down.

We imagine This universal setting could be a pub, UN Security Council or a family dinner party.

Appropriating provocative actions and statements, we construct a tight, rhythmical, formal structure, within which messy, confusing ideas can exist, thus creating a jolting disruption between elegance, entertainment and complexity. Language and movement images offer insights on the absurdities of political stances, self-belief, power, manipulation and confrontation. Our research examines how the physical body exists within these intellectual and political constructs

The work has strong political themes: Argument deals with the choreography of confrontation and power struggles in ways that can accessibly relate to current global conflicts but equally exposes a very universal humanity and absurdist humour.

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